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We speak your language — nothing techie, nor geeky. You don’t need a Ph.D. in Information Technology in order to tell us what gizmo is misbehaving. If you have something around your home that is not working as you wish, we can help. 

Okay, now the techie stuff…

Software & Equipment Troubleshooting

If you have an issue with one company’s technology, the technical support is often free and quite helpful, and we recommend you pursue this route first.

With so many technology offerings on the market, it is common for a household to use three to six different services, sometimes more. This is frequently where the real tough problems occur since many issues resulting from the combined use of various services.

AHIS can diagnose and fix these spanning issues that so frequently occur.

Technical Solutions

  • Setting up new laptop, computer, phone, tablet, Wifi, network
  • Installing & Configuring Email, browsers, MS Office, and other apps
  • Printers & printer drivers
  • Televisions, soundbars, wireless speaker systems, stereos, Roku™
  • WIFI and network systems including routers, cable modems, hotspots
  • Setting up NAS, Time Machine drives, and offline storage devices
  • Device and Network Security
  • Testing integrity of cables and power
  • Most of the thousands of other configuration issues that happen…

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